Ser o no ser o mais grandes do mundo

Mientras Brasil diseña políticas para incentivar la producción agrícola y ayudar a sus productores en medio de la crisis global, en el nuestro ya sabemos lo que pasa.

Brazil may increase lending to farmers by as much as 28 percent in the coming crop year afteraccess to credit tightened amid the global financial crisis,Banco do Brasil SA’s vice president for agribusiness said. The government may offer farmers as much as 100 billionreais ($45 billion) in the crop year that starts in July, upfrom 78 billion reais now and 60 billion reais last year, Bancodo Brasil Vice President Luis Carlos Guedes Pinto said yesterdayin an interview in Brasilia. Banco do Brasil, the nation’s largest federally controlledbank, may contribute 60 percent of the total, he said. Thegovernment will probably announce the aid plan in May, GuedesPinto said.

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